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ADC Delivers Spare Parts Worth $20 million to Afghanistan

Laem Chabang, November 23rd, 2020 – RMA Automotive fulfilled its biggest order to date for Ford spare parts to AMS Dubai to support the TACOM operations in Afghanistan. This order was particularly noteworthy not only due to its sheer size but also due to the short lead time.

Challenging factors encountered were finalizing the credit term agreement with AMS, shipment duration, and ratifying the spare parts supply from Ford of Thailand. The parts team at ADC worked feverishly to repack parts which had been received with damaged packaging and required repackaging to keep up RMAA’s packing standards and parts safety. Teams devoted themselves to the task and put in the extra hours and weekend work to complete the order and met the expected delivery date.

As a result of great teamwork and cooperation from everyone, a total of 55 containers were shipped to Dubai within two months, and onward delivered to Afghanistan National Police (ANP) and Afghanistan National Army (ANA).

Customers were very satisfied with the shipment and lead times, affirming the work efficiency of RMAA team.

Special appreciation goes to for all staff members that supported this project including Warehouse, Quality Control, Logistics and Accounting departments.

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